All EKEN Camera repairs

We specialise in the recovery and repair of EKEN action cameras, whether they are bricked or have a hardware fault.

The recovery and repair of EKEN cameras can be achieved in any of these 3 ways

1. We provide you with personal support and advice through facebook messenger, join the Facebook Usergroup and message Ron Shaw

2. We provide you with remote support (recovery of a bricked EKEN camera) Contact Ron Shaw on Facebook or via email for more information


3. We provide a free estimate to anyone owning an Eken camera that is faulty, we will examine and fully test it, to discover any problems. These problems may be firmware or hardware related faults, we will then reply to you, with the full cost to correct your Eken camera, and ensure it will perform just as good as new. (Just the camera alone will need to be posted) (Camera owner will need to pay for all postage)

The firmware will always be updated to the very latest Eken WEB based updates, and the camera will be tested using our 10 point quality and acceptance tests.

All cameras to have the Lithium Ion battery removed, and must NOT be posted. Safety reasons: ALL delivery companies require special packaging and labeling when sending Lithium Ion batteries in the post.

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